My publications


    Under contract with Palgrave Macmillan:  Teaching Crime Fiction. Editor and contributor. Scheduled publication date 2018. 

    Under contract with Demeter Press: (with Janet MacLennan, Dorsía Smith Silva, and Marjorie Tesser) Travellin’ Mama:  Mothers, Mothering and Travel. Editor and contributor.  Scheduled publication date 2018.

    Under contract with Demeter Press:  (with Andrea Robertson) Mothers Without Their Children. Editor and contributor. Scheduled publication date late 2017/early 2018.


    Special issue “Contemporary Crime Fiction”. American, British and Canadian Studies Journal.  Editor and contributor. Scheduled publication date July 2017.


    2017   "I, Too, Mourn The Loss":  Mrs Hudson and the Absence of Sherlock Holmes.  In S. Naidu (Ed.) Sherlock Holmes in Context. Palgrave, 2017. (In Press)

    2016   “Life Was a State in Which a War Was On”: A. S. Byatt’s Portrayal of War and Norse Mythology in Ragnarok: The End of the Gods. In S. Buttsworth and M. Abbenhuis (Eds.) War, Myths and Fairy Tales. Palgrave. Published.

    2016  Dolls and Dead Babies: Victorian Motherhood in May Sinclair's Life and Death of Harriett Frean. In C. Drewery and B. Bowler (Eds.) May Sinclair: Re-Thinking Bodies and Minds. University of Edinburgh Press, Edinburgh. Published.

    2016   Reimagining Myth and the Maternal with Ruth Fainlight, Margaret Atwood and Katie Donovan. In V. Frankel and C. Harris-Keith (Eds.) Women Versed in Myth: Essays on Modern Poets. (McFarland)  Published.

    2016   ‘‘Still a Respected Man’: Irish Masculinity in Crisis and Crime Fiction’.  In C.M. Rees (Ed.) Masculinity in Crisis: Depictions of Modern Male Trauma in Ireland (Carysfort Press)  Published.

    2016   “With Practised Eyes”: Feminine Identity in The Mysterious Mr. Quin. In Jamie Bernthal (Ed.) The Ageless Agatha Christie: Essays on the Mysteries and the Legacy. (McFarland).  Published.

    2016   ‘‘Last Girl Alive’: Kirsty Murray’s Dystopian YA Novel Vulture’s Gate’. In Louisa Mackay-Demerjian (Ed.) The Age of Dystopia:  One Genre, Our Fears and Our Future (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).  Published.

    2015   “P.D. James.”   Dictionary of Literary Biography 377: Twenty-first Century British Novelists, ed. Tom Ue (Farmington, MI: Gale).  Published.

    2015   “Sarah Waters.”  Dictionary of Literary Biography 377: Twenty-first Century British Novelists, ed. Tom Ue (Farmington, MI: Gale).  Published.

    2015   ‘“She Decided to Kill Her husband”:  Housewives in Contemporary American Fictions of Crime’, in D. Schmid (Ed.), Violence in American Popular Culture (Praeger Press). Published.

    2015   ‘”This Really Isn’t a Job For a Girl to Take on Alone”:  Reappraising Feminism and Genre Fiction in Sara Paretsky’s Crime Novel Indemnity Only’.  In  J. Harker and C.K. Farr (Eds.) This Book Is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics  (University of Illinois Press). Published. 

    2015   “‘My Mama Had a Story’:  Mothers and Intergenerational Relations in Andrea Levy’s Fiction”.  In Herrera and Sanmartin (Eds.), Reading/Speaking/Writing the Mother Text: Essays on Caribbean Women's Writing (Demeter Press).  Published.

    2013   ‘”She Looked West”:  Eco Crime Fiction Hits the Road in Martha Grimes’ Biting the Moon’.  In P. Varner  (Ed.) New Wests and Post Wests: Literature and Film of the American West. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).  Published.

    2012   ‘Death of the Author’: Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s Police Procedurals’.  In V. Miller and H. Oakley (Eds.), Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fictions (Palgrave Macmillan). Published.

    2012   ‘Life of Crime: Feminist Crime/Life Writing in Sara Paretsky, Writing in an Age of Silence, P.D. James, Time to be in Earnest: A Fragment of Autobiography, and Val McDermid, A Suitable Job for a Woman: Inside the World of Women Private Eyes’.  In C. Gregoriou (Ed.), Constructing Crime: Discourse and Cultural Representations of Crime and Deviance (Palgrave Macmillan). Published.

    2010   ‘Adventure and Affect: The Character of the Boy Detective and Orphan in Astrid Lindgren’s Rasmus and the Tramp’.  In M. Cornelius (Ed.) The Boy Detectives: Essays on the Hardy Boys and Others (McFarland). Published.

    2009   Personal reflection, in ‘Personalia:  Biographical Sketches of Peter Widdowson’.  In J.Gill and S. Barker (Eds.) Literature as History: Essays in Honour of Peter Widdowson (Continuum). Published.

    2007   ”A Work and a Purpose“: Willa Cather’s Journalism'.  In R. Keeble and S. Wheeler (Eds.) The Journalistic Imagination: Literary Journalists From Dafoe to Capote and Carter (Routledge). Published.


    2016   ‘“The Third Ireland”:  Inheritance and Postcolonialism in Irish Crime Writing’. The Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies. Special Issue on postcolonial crime fiction. Published.

    2015   ‘Performing Scottish Crime: Ian Rankin's Dark Road.’ Mystery Readers Journal, 31 (3) Published.

    2015   ‘Haunting the Text: Nicola Pierce’s Spirit of the Titanic and Irish Historical Children’s Fiction’.  Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Special issue on Irish women’s writing). Published.

    2015   “True Crime and Baby Farming: Representing Amelia Dyer.”  The Human (Special Issue on crime writing). Published.

    2015   ‘Sherlock Holmes Reimagined:  An Exploration of Selected Short Stories from A Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon’.  Oscholars (Special issue on Conan Doyle). Published.

    2013   ‘The Stuff of Legend, or Unpacking Cultural Baggage?  Introducing First-Year English Literature and Humanities Students to Foundational Literary Texts’.  Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education. Vol. 20, Issue 4.  Published.

    2013   ‘Bags Stuffed with the Offal of Their Own History’:  Crime Fiction and the Short Story in Crimespotting: An Edinburgh Crime Collection’. In Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, Vol. 3 No. 1. Published.

    2013   ‘There's Nothing People Won't Do to One Another, if the Circumstances Are Right’:  Male Rape and the Politics of Representation in John Harvey’s Police Procedural Easy Meat’.  In Clues: A Journal of Detection. Vol. 31.2 . Published.

    2012   'Spying Women: Gayle Lynds's Espionage Fiction'. Paradoxa: Studies in World Literary Genres, Vol. 24, Espionage Fiction: The Seduction of Clandestinity. Published.

    2012   'Gayle Lynds’s Espionage Thrillers: An Interview'. Paradoxa: Studies in World Literary Genres, Vol. 24. Espionage Fiction: The Seduction of Clandestinity. Published.

    2012   ‘Religion and Spirituality in Willa Cather’s Journalism’. Nineteenth-Century Prose. Vol.39/1-2, Spring/Fall 2012 (Special Issue: Religion and Prose). Published.

    2012   ‘Or perhaps I should describe the old, wild-haired man’: Representations of Ageing and Black British Identity in Andrea Levy, Every Light in the House Burnin’ and Joan Riley, Waiting in the Twilight'Entertext  (special issue on Andrea Levy), Vol. 9. Published.

    2011   ‘Mediatization and Mothers Accused of Murder in Sophie Hannah’s Crime Novel, A Room Swept White (2010). Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook, Vol. 9. Published.

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    2010   ‘Imagining Mother: Representations of Contested Maternal Identities and Loss in Jackie Kay’s The Adoption Papers and Isha McKenzie-Mavinga’s “Yearning To Belong”’. MP: an Online Feminist Journal. Vol.2, Issue 6. Published.

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